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Have you already found a new car from a UK dealer and now need a low cost finance plan? can now provide a cheaper alternative to dealer funding for those customers who have found their new car from a UK dealer and now need a low cost finance solution.

We specialise in low rate, PCP (Personal Contract Plan), (HP) Hire Purchase, and (LP) Lease Purchase car finance products for private individuals, that have already negotiated the purchase of a new car from a franchised dealer. Use our car finance calculator below to see how our quote compares to your local dealer.

Using our contacts within major high street banks and finance institutions are able to offer some of the best car finance rates and plans available on the market today. Regardless of the make or model, if the car is new, or up to 3 years old, and supplied from a UK franchised dealer then we can help you find the best finance deal.

This finance calculator is intended to be used for new cars, but will give a good indication of what it might cost to finance a used car too, especially if it is for straight Hire Purchase (No balloon finance), alternatively, to get a verbal quote and advice on the best deal please call us today on 01773 512806.
  Using the Car Finance Calculator  
  How to use section 1: "About You"

Enter your personal details in the correct fields in the form to the left of the screen.

Why do we need this information?

To obtain credit for finance we need to know:
1. You are over 18;
2. Have a full UK driving licence;
3. Your employment status
4. An indication of your credit history
5. Your contact details, so one of our highly trained finance specialists      can contact you with an accurate quote
  How to use section 2: "About the Car"

Please select from the drop down boxes:
1. The car you are interested in applying for finance for
2. The purchase price of the car
3. The amount of money you have to place as a deposit towards your      purchase (a minimum 10% of the purchase price)
4. The number of months you require the finance over
5. An estimation of the number of miles you drive per year
6. Select if you require your finance with or without a balloon (final)      Payment.
7. Click "Show Quote" to view the finance illustration.
  How to use section 3: "Your Finance Illustration"

After correctly completing the information in sections 1 & 2 your finance quote will appear here.

At this stage you are still able to change your quote details in section 2 and see how it affects your finance illustration.

Once you are happy with your finance illustration click on the "Enquire" button to send us your details. Within 24 hours, or on the Monday following a weekend, one of our highly trained, friendly, finance advisors will contact you to discuss your quote.

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If you don't like filling out forms and would rather talk in person to discuss your finance needs, then feel free to contact us Monday - Friday 9am 5pm on 01773 512806.

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