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Good Credit Rating

This is purely a guideline, Lenders do have the right to adjust their lending criteria

Minimum Applicant Age at the Start of the Agreement: 21 Years
Maximum Applicant Age at the end of The Agreement: 80 Years

Residency – Minimum: 2 years
Current Residential Status: Homeowners,
LOAN TERM – Minimum (Months): 12
LOAN TERM - Maximum (Months): 60
Loan Amount – Minimum: Cars £2,500
Loan Amount – Maximum: Cars £15,000
Products Offered: Hire Purchase
Lease Purchase
Max Vehicle Age at the end of the Agreement: Hire Purchase 15 years
Lease Purchase 8 years
Vehicle Mileage: Max 120K at the Start of the agreement

Equifax Minimum Risk Navigator Scores:

Good Credit Rating: An Equifax score between 450-499
Please be aware that these scores are at the discretion of the lender and do change other factors such as affordability will also determine your application

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